I Recovered an Old Article thanks to Archive.org

Yesterday, I was looking at my Nginx logs and saw that someone tried to access an old article of mine. I published an “Introduction to QR Codes” (in German) for my university back in 2011.

The article was lost due to my server moving to Netcup and me not making proper backups of everything back in the days. I might have the files somewhere on an old disk, but in this case it was faster to recover the data directly from The Way Back Machine.

Now you can access the article again under the same URL https://www.martinstoev.de/public/articles/qrcode/ausarbeitung/index.html.

In some ways archive.org saves a lot of our knowledge that otherwise would be forgotten. It relies on our support, this is why I also made a small donation. Maybe you should consider it too, especially when it helped you recover otherwise lost data recently.