Integrating Marked 2 with Emacs

I write my blog in Markdown. While there are good other alternatives, like CommonMark, I like to stick to the original. Most of the time there is no difference either way. This post works for both.

John Gruber made the format easily editable in an editor on purpose....

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Cd to Git root directory

Sometimes you are very deep in your project structure (e.g. ~/code/private/some_app/spec/lib/some_module/come_class_spec.rb) and need to jump to the project root. There is no easy way to do that out of the box. Either you change to a relative path like cd ~/code/private/some_app or you need to move...

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How to setup a new Jekyll Blog

In this howto I will explain how you can create and upload your blog to a webserver. I do not want to reinvent the wheel, so I will point you to some existing resources with my notes.

First Andrew Munsell has written an awesome Jekyll tutorial, but it is somewhat...

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Jekyll is better than Wordpress

I switched my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll.

So what is Jekyll and why should you care? Jekyll is a HTML generator. You create a directory with a bunch of files, add your posts in a specific folder and execute a command. The output is are some HTML files that...

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Using Skitch for bug repots

When you find a new bug during development but do not have enough time to report it properly, just take a screenshot. Even better, annotate it with some comments. Too cumbersome? No problem! Skitch can help you do that really fast. Just open the app. Press the screenshot button,...

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